About Us

What is Wu Wo?

Wu Wo is a tea ceremony originating in Taiwan. Wu means “void” (forget preconceptions) and Wo means “self” (as part of a whole). In the ceremony all participants bring and share tea to enjoy and improve the experience together without preconception or hierarchy. We think these principles can help in our relationship with our customers. We aim to create innovative solutions working as a team with users, exchanging, developing and implementing ideas together.

This is clearly illustrated by our InsuranceZones and TeamWorks experience: 


We worked with insurers and underwriters to streamline small business insurance products and deliver them online. The preconceptions were that underwriters would require extensive question sets and could not commit to cover without checking claims, that customers would only go online to check prices but would then buy from their local brokers, and that the sales volumes for small business policies would not justify the investment.

But tradesmen and professionals needed cover, often going online after working hours and wanted quick purchase, immediate documents and cheaper premiums. We sold 16,000 policies with only 3 admin staff after developing our automated quote-and-buy system and proved the concepts of innovation without preconceptions, as well as working harmoniously with our partners as a team.


We worked with engineers at a major Utility company to communicate repair specifications to outsourced contractors. This involved putting catalogues of tasks and materials online, but it quickly developed into the comprehensive project management system we now call TeamWorks. Working as a team, we all realised that the catalogue system also allowed projects to be priced, material ordered, work updated, payments approved and performance tracked. Again this proved the value of teamwork and of leaving preconceptions behind.