Utility Solutions

We provide tailored solutions to help streamline business processes. We have worked with utility teams to design and develop online ​solutions for Developer Services, Water Regulations, Logistics Services and even international Supply Chain Modelling. Cost control, online communication and streamlined workflows are the key components in our platform. We are there to:

  • work with you to review your business processes
  • help you with ideas to improve
  • design, develop and help to populate your site
  • offer training and support
  • Teamworks

    Our core solution provides a simple yet customisable project management platform for the thousands of projects which need to be costed, tendered and delivered on time and on budget. Benefits include:

    • Streamline processes
    • Budget and control
    • Project award to delivery
    • Mobile access
    • Performance reporting

    Ten Steps

    First stage - set up site:
  • Step 1 - add partners, users and permissions
  • Step 2 - add any task or product catalogues used for costing
    Second stage - add project:
  • Step 3 - add your project details
  • Step 4- break down the project and set a budget
    Third stage - award project:
  • Step 5 - invite contractors
  • Step 6 - review tenders
  • Step 7 - award project
    Fourth stage - manage to delivery:
  • Step 8 - agree valuations and track progress
  • Step 9 - agree project variations
  • Step 10 - review performance over all projects
  • Teamworks Guides

    This short animation provides an overview of Teamworks and how it could help your business.

    For further more detailed guides, please click below:


    Cost Control

    We know that 60% of all projects overrun on budget, and on average by nearly 30%. With this in mind we have designed a budget process and facility to add catalogues and produce schedules of work to be priced. A control process ensures no variations can be added without approval, and only approved estimates can be paid - giving you full control at all times.

    Cloud Based

    Giving you security and accessibility at all times as your projects are backed up and available on the move.


    As nearly 60% of projects fail due to a breakdown in communication, we have placed communication at the heart of our solution. Using Teamworks Project Managers and Contractors share all project information, agree any changes and update progress. They can do this via mobiles on the go and upload photos of any issues on site. All project updates are logged providing a full audit trail.


    With your own website and secure log-ins, you can quickly add users, permissions and catalogues and set up your site and projects.