How Can Teamworks Help You?

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How Can Teamworks Help You?

Teamworks is a project management tool primarily designed for the utilities industry. The tool allows users to design and price up projects and then invite contractors to carry out the work. Contractors can make changes to required materials and man hours as the project progresses and claim for work done once the project has been completed. Users can also share files, send messages and keep track of a project's progression.

Ten Simple Steps

Add partners, users and permissions

Add work or product items to a Catalogue used for costing

Add your project details

Add Items from your Catalogue to create an estimate for your project

Invite contractors to accept projects with the simple click of a button

Contractors login to accept and progress the project

Contractors claim for work done with Valuations

Both the Designer and Contractor are able to create Variations to the original estimate

Easily share files and send messages

Keep track of all your active projects from your TeamWorks dashboard

Data Visualisation and Reporting


Providing you with realtime data visualisation tools developed using React and D3.

Track a Projects full history from 'Original Estimate' through all 'Variations'/'Valuations' to the 'Current Balance'.