Cloud based trading solutions

TradingZones provides an online collaborative platform to help your company to manage your business processes, customers and suppliers.

You can manage your customer base, capture enquiries, return quotes and manage delivery of your projects - from enquiry to project management.

You can also add digital marketing and then develop and manage your expanding customer base - from marketing to customer management.

These modules can be interfaced with your existing website or we can create a new trading website for you. We can also interface with your existing email campaign software allowing you to send campaigns to new or existing customers and suppliers.

The Wu Wo team can have you up and running with our TradingZones solution within weeks. Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and let Wu Wo take away the hassle - it really is that simple!

Enquiries to project management

TradingZones Flow

Your website can be more than your shop window, it can also be your shop floor - accessible securely anywhere and at any time.

It can store the files you use for pricing enquiries so that you can create quotes, convert them to orders and track them as projects. 

  • Send email campaigns and build your customer base
  • Record customer and project details from enquiries and track to completion
  • Create quotes including project details and drawings and build your estimates from your price lists
  • Update successful enquiries with order, spec, date, pay terms and timetable
  • Agree variations and payment requests (against the quote)

Marketing to customer management


Your website can also be your marketing platform.

It can store your customer file, track and add visitors, deliver email campaigns and news updates, and prioritise client contacts.

  • Build your customer base
  • Manage contact lists
  • Use email templates
  • Send regular campaigns
  • Mobile and social media friendly
  • Powerful reporting

Trading Websites


As a shop window your website needs to promote your business. 

It needs to be visible on searches, describe your business ethos and services, and provide contact derails. In today's market it must be mobile friendly, connected to social media, adaptable to fast-changing technologies and of course secure!

  • E-business websites
  • Searchable catalogues
  • Online payment options
  • Mobile friendly

Case Study

We were approached by a small, niche B2B company who were struggling to keep track of their customer communications and were relying on an excel spreadsheet to manage their whole business process.

They wanted to grow the business but were too busy 'fire-fighting' to keep on top of all the admin involved in maintaining the spreadsheet, enquiries coming in, tender and bid quotes and the project management of their existing jobs.

TradingZones helped the company to bring all of this information into one user-friendly and manageable system. They introduced TradingZones to track all of their communications. This joined-up approach enabled them to improve their:

  • tender and quote process
  • enquiry and follow up process (which was formerly very haphazard)
  • conversion to live jobs

They made full use of the CRM function to manage their extensive contact list and to commence regular targeted email campaigns to their diverse customer base.

The result is that the company now has a more joined up and collaborative approach. The whole team is aware of all communications as they are recorded and centralised in one place and business is now growing.