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Our solutions

We have worked with Utilities, Insurance and Trading industries over the last 20 years to ​streamline business processes using our online platforms. We've been guided by the two principles of the ancient Wu Wo tea ceremony from which we take our name: sharing everyone's ideas and leaving aside any existing preconceptions. We have worked​ in partnership with utility teams ​to ​reinvent ​how their projects are budgeted, tendered, awarded and delivered. We have also worked with insurance industry teams to develop an online broker platform that reinvented how tradesmen bought insurance​.


Teamworks is our utilities platform. It was developed to cost, award and manage the thousands of projects carried out by utility contractors and requiring delivery on time, to spec and on budget. Key to the platform are cost control, communication and the ability to configure different types of project and user. These features have allowed us to create a range of solutions for Developer Services, Water Regulations and Logistics.

Insurance Zones

​Insurance Zones is our insurance platform. We set up our own online insurance broking business and developed a platform to automate the broking process from quote to sale and renewal. The core part of the platform is a product builder allowing quotes and documents to be issued on the go. This enabled tradesmen to buy online 24/7 with a short question set, benefiting from lower premiums and instant policy documents. We built a customer base of over 16,000 policy holders within 3 years based on this platform, and subsequently sold the trading business to a major international insurer.

Trading Zones

​Trading Zones is our solution for businesses supplying products or services. We have experience with the building merchant sector supplying products to a range of customers including utilities. Searchable catalogues can be created and controlled through permissions to provide a storefront for these customers. Another feature of our platform allows enquiries to be tracked, costed, converted and delivered. So we can provide online solutions whether your are selling products via catalogues or selling services though enquiries.

Meet the team

Bruce Bourne
Solutions - Bruce heads up the business and works with clients to understand their problems and to design solutions.
Hamza Sarwar
Development - Hamza heads up our development and converts the design to real and workable solutions for our customers.
Dave Bourne
Customer Support - Dave supports our customers with training, software updates and digital marketing.
Abi Smith
Marketing - Abi looks after all of our marketing and business development activities and keeps the team in check!

Clients say

  • TradingZones has helped us to streamline all of our business processes and centralise all of our data. The Wu Wo team has been friendly, approachable and super-efficient at getting the system up and running for us.
    Director, B2B Client
  • Wu Wo's TeamWorks solution has given us the means to manage all of our projects from tender through to completion, all with a complete audit trail. I don't know how we ever managed without it!
    Head of Developer Services, Utility Company
  • Wu Wo has taken the time to understand our business and our requirements and offered us a solution (InsuranceZones) that has helped us win new customers and increase our turnover and profits.
    Managing Director, Insurance Provider